After many years of Web Development I’ve decided to try and learn something new. After researching through all kinds of forums and websites I’ve decided to try my hand at Python Programming.

The best reviewed book on Amazon in regards to learning Python is a book by John Zelle – Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science. So this is where I will be starting.

The book has 13 Chapters and each chapter comes with some practice exercises at the end of the chapter. While doing the exercises (and getting stuck here and there) I found there was no place to find the answers to the questions. I noticed other people looking for answers online as well, so as I work through the book I’ll be posting answers to the questions on my blog here.

Make sure you give it a good try before looking at the answers, but if all else fails I hope you find this blog a helpful resource while you yourself work through the book.
I may expound on some of the questions / answers on my posts. I hope this is helpful for you as well.

With Python there are often many different ways to solve a problem. My solution may not always be the best way as I’m still learning the language myself. If you see a better solution to a question than I have posted, please let me know about it in the comments section.

Anyway here we go 🙂